Wendy High Travel Specialties

At Wendy High Travel we specialize in many different vacation styles to best fit your interests. Take a look at our different specialties below.

Family Travel

Are we there yet? – The most frequently asked question by kids.

The most frequently asked questions by moms and dads below:

Somewhere warm with fun things to do and in a relaxing catering environment. When I meet new clients I always ask where they have been, what they loved, what they hated, ages of the children, shorter flight or longer flight and budget? With 15 years of travel agent experience, I custom design vacations for families based on my knowledge and their needs and wants.

What do we need/want?
Well, you need a destination which will be perfect for your family. For example, if the grandparents are going, how able are they to get around? Then I may recommend a smaller resort instead of a bigger one.
You may have a trip in mind with your sister and husband and their two teens, but your kids are four and seven years old. Where do you go where all the kids are having a wonderful time and the parents can relax? How about an all-inclusive resort? All-inclusives are different. I can help you decide on the perfect resort and accommodations for you and your family.

How do we plan a big trip with our parents, our kids and our siblings?
Contact me and I will coordinate everything…flights from anywhere in the U.S., to dinner reservations at the resort.

Happily Ever After & After...


Designing your honeymoon can be the most enjoyable part of planning your wedding. I will listen to your dream vision and make it a reality.

Romantic Escapes

Every couple needs to take time for a getaway together to relax and connect. I can find the perfect destination to meet your needs. Babymoons are especially important. Before your family of two becomes a family of three, take some time to get away and be pampered.

Anniversaries & Renewing Your Vows

Celebrate your marriage with just the two of you or a group of friends and family. I can help you experience this meaningful occasion by creating a memory to be cherished forever.

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